Who We Are?

Bamdad Computer Company was registered on 13 Feb.1995, under No. 111206 with primary capital amount of 1,200,000 Rls in Tehran. Company’s scientific spirit and strategy of taking care of customer, customer and employees satisfaction, has led to daily improvement of the group, so that now Company’s capital has risen up to 2,228,800,000 Rls and more than 70 specialist and major specialist from country’s creditable universities are working with the Company. Currently according to the last official assessment by the Informatics Supreme Council, Bamdad Computer Company with 2417 points is among 30 leading companies in country informatics services. Also this Company has the level 3 in making contract in installation and equipment field and level 5 in mine and industry field.

Major parts of this Company’s activities

a- Performing the following activities for headquarter field and other districts of Tehran Municipality:

1- Operating and managing operating system and database and network designing.
2- Developing and supporting institutional automation system.
3- Developing and supporting statistical software
4- Developing and supporting information management system for municipality’s complex
5- Developing and supporting pursuer software
6- Developing and supporting medical counseling field system
7- Implementing and activation financial and administrational system for Tehran municipalities.
8- Developing and supporting information system for Islamic Capital Cites General Seminar in Tehran

b- Performing the following activities for State Ports & Maritime Organization and Hormozgan Province General Dept. of Ports & Maritime Organization :

1- Analyzing, designing and implementing electronic data interchange system.
2- Operating, supporting, developing optimizing, software, network and hardware.
3- Analyzing, designing and implementing surveillance system and container handling control.
4- Designing, implementing, installing and setting up to work online electronic system for booking, cargo tracking and EDI manifest for General Cargo operation management software.

c- Perfuming the following activities for Islamic Republic of IRAN Customs Department

1- Analyzing, designing and implementing manifest electronic interchange system and transferring information to ASYCUDA system.

2- Repair, maintenance and supporting services for computerized equipment, network and emergency electricity.

d- Performing the following activities for Islamic Republic of IRAN Rail-Road

1- Analyzing, designing and implementing electronic data interchange system

2- Analyzing and designing mechanized system for internal bill of lading for Islamic Republic of IRAN Rail-Road.

e- Mechanized system for receiving and issuing report for Tehran Province Water and Sewage Company.

f- Operating, managing, developing, designing, implementing and supporting services for software system and computerized equipment and over regional network for IRAN Oil Materials Importing Terminal.

g- Analyzing, designing and implementing market information comprehensive system for IRAN petroleum Commercial Company.

h- Designing, executing and installing and implementing manifest electronic data interchange system (BEDIS) for Islamic Republic of Iran sailing Company and more than 50 private sailing company (currently almost all major sailing companies use this software actively) and for airline transporting companies.

j- Performing enormous designing projects, purchasing and manufacturing (EPC) for IRAN National Copper Industries Company as follows:

1- Designing and executing control and accurate instrument system for Bon Yekkeh Pump Station ( It is worthy to be mentioned that this pump station is the second biggest pump station in Middle-East after Mes Sarcheshmeh Pump station)

2- Establishing water pumping post returning from waste dam of Meidook Copper Mine.

3- Emergency repairing for Bon Yekkeh water pump post.

4- Designing, executing and maintaining control and accurate instrument system for major sediment catcher (waste) dam for Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex.

Fortunately, the Bamdad Computer Company has conducted many projects till now and in line with this, upon the completion of projects, the company has always been faced with intimate and kind accompaniments of the employers and wishes to receive more testimonials from new employers to grace its own working history diary.
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